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Hasnain Ali Film Actor Produce New York Pakistani American

Hasnain Ali

   Born and raised in Queens, New York, Hasnain’s passion for acting started after graduating from college. He was ready to step into his first job, with a Finance and History degree in hand but knew he had to work on perfecting a skill that would enable a successful career. Growing up a shy individual, Hasnain disliked speaking in front of crowds, and was entering a field that required a great deal of presentations. After mumbling his words and sweating through his first 10-minute presentation, he took a step back and asked himself, “how can I master this skill?”.
   This led to his first acting class. He wanted to improve his presentation skills and wanted to seek help in getting over his angst of speaking to a room full of people. Before he knew it, he was introduced to his first small role in a short independent film called “Oui Chef”.
   Hasnain’s acting coach Blair Baker began helping him perfect his craft, and due to this, Hasnain landed over 30 roles spanning from short independent films to featured films. However, his ambition did not stop there.
    His interest in the art of script writing grew and it inspired him to write and act in his very own production Routine. This accomplishment helped build confidence in his writing and encouraged him to produce and star in his second film, Qalb. All of this eventually led to Hasnain’s most recent work in progress, First Stop, which premiered at the Soho International Film Festival, and was accepted at the Muslim International Film Festival and the San Francisco Indie Short Festival.

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There’s no ‘making it’ in the industry. That’s the first thing I learned when I first started. There’s no such thing as ‘you made it’ — there is simply just hard work, and you just keep doing it.”  - Hasnain Ali

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Ali’s mission statement emphasizes “authentic cultural representation”, which he says is important in Hollywood. In Hollywood, South Asians are often depicted on screen in stereotypical or even offensive manners — this can occur on any scale from Raj on The Big Bang Theory to Apu on The Simpsons.

Ali’s produced work makes a point in addressing taboo subjects, specifically in his short film Qalb where a white Christian woman and her Pakistani-American boyfriend struggle to bridge the gaps in their religious beliefs and social norms.

It has to start now, because the thing is, right now is the time for our stories to be pushed forward" - Hasnain Ali

What People Say


While working on a very ambitious project, having Hasnain in one of the major roles was one of our best choices. He was professional and always very prepared. He crafted his character perfectly and he is very versatile. He would be an immediate asset as both an actor and person on set!

I worked with Hasnain on his short film and for his self tape, and he is a dream to work with. On the short film he was excited, passionate, professional and a person I could trust. He had a great attitude and was super nice to everyone. Also during his self tape he brings so much confidence, knows his stuff, always willing to play and ready to go! It was a pleasure to work with him and he is just a great guy to know and be around!

Hasnain Ali was a pleasure to work with. His dedication to a role and enjoyment for acting shine brightly on set. Looking forward to seeing his body of work grow and to collaborate again in the future!