Hasnain Ali Actor Film Producer

Hasnain Ali

The Actor


The Actor

Aiming to deliver a powerful performance and connecting with my audience on a personal and emotional level.

Hasnain Ali Film Actor New York
Hasnain Ali Film Actor New York
Hasnain Ali Film Actor
Hasnain Ali Film Actor
Hasnain Ali Film Actor New York
Hasnain Ali Film Actor New York
Hasnain Ali Actor Film Producer New
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Romantic Comedy

Romance Mini TV Series

Thriller Web Series

Comedy TV Series

Short Drama

Hasnain Ali Actor Film Producer

What People Say


While working on a very ambitious project, having Hasnain in one of the major roles was one of our best choices. He was professional and always very prepared. He crafted his character perfectly and he is very versatile. He would be an immediate asset as both an actor and person on set!

It was thrilling to work with someone who was so dedicated to telling a beautiful story, someone who truly cared about the project from pre-production to festival submission. I co-starred in the film with him and was shocked at how well he treated his actors and crew, everything from making sure we had snacks and drinks at rehearsals to making sure we were paid. Even more,Ali made sure that the process was collaborative and that our input and voices were heard.

Hasnain is truly amazing to work with. As a producer he makes sure the projects move as smoothly and efficiently as possible; pushing all the right buttons and resolving issues quickly. He's also open to ideas/suggestions in the creative process and keeping it a team game as oppose to a one man show. He also keeps sets loose, comfortable, and a fun environment to be in which is crucible especially on long hour days.


SOMNANG VANN (Cinematographer) 


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