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A Muslim raised, bookish Pakistani-American college guy vs. a Catholic raised, free-spirited college girl. Complicated? Absolutely. The film follows two characters, Amir and Sophia who just like everyone else, struggle to balance their lives with their faith. The film targets and clarifies the misconceptions of Islam in today's world, and highlights the similarities between Islam and Christianity through a beautiful, inspiring and educational love story. 

Amir and Sophia, total opposites are assigned partners in a religious studies class. Amir takes the class for an easy grade, while Sophia is inspired by her previous trip to Spain. Connected through class and eventually a mutual understanding of the 13th- century poet Rumi, they are both drawn to each other instantly. As Sophia ponders in some of the misconceptions of Islam and Muslims in the world, Amir seeks to educate Sophia on Islam as well as Christianity and highlighting the similarities between the faiths. In return Sophia tests Amir, helping him tap into emotions through poetry. What seems like an innocent friendship soon blossoms, however in a world where Islamophobia is prevalent,  Amir is left with a difficult choice. Choose love or faith?